Dentures have been used for centuries to replace missing teeth. If you have missing teeth and need dentures for the first time, we can make or repair a quality set of full or partial dentures just for you. Thanks to partial and full dentures, patients can find cosmetic relief for missing and lost teeth. No more gaps or spaces in a patient’s smile, and no more missing. If left untreated, missing teeth can result in the moving of surrounding teeth, which can cause many more gaps and spaces. Chewing and biting efficiency can change as well, so by using restorations such as dentures, patients can keep their smiles intact and improve the way they eat and talk.

Full Dentures – When an entire arch of teeth is missing, full dentures are the most affordable option for patients. Full dentures partially cover the gums when worn, and provide cosmetic relief from missing teeth. They are made with high-quality plastics and are created to look absolutely natural. Patients can use dental adhesives to keep these restorations in place, or they may consider using dental implants to create implant-supported dentures. These dentures snap into place over the dental implants for strength and support of the dentures.

Partial Dentures – For patients missing one or more teeth, partial dentures are a wonderful alternative to dental implants or dental bridges. Partial dentures are removable, which makes them easy to clean and care for. They snap in and out of the mouth in the same way a retainer will and will utilize false teeth that will fill the place where the missing tooth once was. Patients will find that this is an affordable way to address one or more missing teeth.

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